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Alon HaGalil - Galilee

Alon HaGalil - Galilee

Join a guided trip that goes every Thursday, Friday & Saturday or rent a bike on the spot  including riding gear,  and go for a ride on your own around the Alon Hagilil Forest or along the Tzipori stream, with our instructions & navigation maps (maps are sold on site.)


  Contact Alon HaGalil                            Alon Hagalil, Galilee, Israel


Phone +972 4 986 9888     Mobile  +972 52 310 0444    


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More activities in & around Alon Field Center
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Free guided bike trips every Saturday !  (pay only for the rented bike or bring your own)

Getting there Community of Alon Hagalil of route 79  (Haifa- Nazareth)




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