Amigo - Cell Phone Rentals when traveling to Israel
Amigo Cell Phones

Amigo Cell Phones

Enjoy an Amigo-US cellular phone offering convenience, security and the newest technology while away from home. No more need to use calling cards or expensive hotel charges.

Tour guides, groups and schools can now reach one member or the entire group at one time using the Amigo-US two-way digital radio network (similar to Nextel). 


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   USA 1-718-258-5200                                                     



Special Tourists Rates:
Daily Rate including insurance (deductible applies) 99¢
Calls in Israel to Land Line / Amigo / Cellcom 17.9¢
Calls in Israel to other cell carriers 25.9¢
International Calls to U.S./Canada/U.K. 29.9¢
Incoming Calls from anywhere in the world FREE
Push-To-Talk (Walkie Talkie) Unlimited
Text Messages 9¢
Internet (per kilobyte) 9¢
Security Authorization $199
(Authorization is a hold of funds against your credit card's available account
balance. Authorizations are automatically released when your credit card is
charged at the end of your rental.)

Standard:$10.00  |  Express:$15.00  |  Pickup FREE  |  Return:$7.50

All rates are in USD. Rates are per minute and do not include VAT (18%) and NYS Tax where applicable. Insurance deductible $100 (minimum).

Only rates as published on are valid



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