Dani Afik Desert Private Guide - Ein Gedi
Dani Afik

Dani Afik

Dani Afik
, a memeber of Kibbutz Ein Gedi since 1962, studied business management and held a chain of positions until he discovered his true love – the desert. Today he is a professional tour guide licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and an expert on trips in the Judean Desert, Negev and Jordan.

Trips are suitable for individuals, families or groups & in English, German or Hebrew.



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Trips from Ein Gedi With Dani Afik

Optional 2 hour Jeep tour: Depart for Nahal Ze’elim to see the Dead Sea “tongue” (a peninsula which divides the lake on its eastern side into a large northern basin and a smaller southern basin). We’ll learn how it was formed, where it came from and what its attributes are, and then we’ll continue to the Ze’elim estuary, where there is a Dead Sea Works pumping station. We will see the “corals,” “pearls” and other shapes formed by the mineral crystals created by the Dead Sea. Our last stop will be a short tour to see the sinkholes, a geological phenomenon created due to the drop in the Dea Sea water level.

Optional 4 hour Jeep tour: Northern Route – We will drive north to Metzoke Dragot, stopping on our way to see the sinkholes, then entering the Judean Desert and heading north along Ha’etekim Cliff, while observing the Dead Sea basin from the top of the cliff and seeing the flaura and fauna that survive in the desert. We’ll see nahal Tmarim and learn about bitumen rock reserves. What was bitumen used for in the past and how is it used today? The water cisterns – a solution for life in the desert. Who dug them? How are they constructed? And what about biblical stories? We will engage on a fascinating descent to nahal Dragot and return to Ein Gedi. Southern Route – We’ll drive south on the Ein Gedi Road, stopping at the nahal Heimar to view the asphalt leak known in the past as the “Clay Sea.” We ‘ll embark on a spectacular drive to Nahal Sdom as we see Mount Sdom, made entirely of salt (How was it formed) on our left, and the marlstone (Where did it come from? Why was it built layer upon layer?) on our right. We’ll ascend Mount Sdom to enjoy a view of Jordan and its treasures and will continue through the Amiaz Plateau for a short walk in Nahal Pratzim. We’ll cross nahal Ashlim for a short rest under the acacia trees and will see the Dead Sea Works and the potassium plant. We’ll conclude the tour at the Sdom Cave.


The Vehicle: Nissan Path Finder Seats comfortably 4 adults & 2 children / Air conditioned


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