Dvir Paragliding - Powered Handgliders & Ultralights
Dvir Paragliding

Dvir Paragliding

Since the begining of time man wanted to fly...

Paragliding is the closet thing to flying as it can ever get. At Dvir's you can surprise yourself, a friend or relative with an adventurous gift. A team of professionals, former IDF pilots and paratroopers will accompany you every step of the way.



         Contact Dvir Paragliding                                     Med. Coast, near Netanya

Getting ready to take off

    +972 54 655 4466 



About Dvir Paragliding
Hezi Dvir started his venture in 1994, and was later joined by the rest of the team, all former IDF pilots or paratroopers. The Guinness world record of consistant gliding over water, (from Haifa to Cyprus) is held by one of Dvir's team memebers.

Our equipment and aircrafts are under the supervision of Israeli Ministry of Transport and Israeli Aviation Authorities.

More by Dvir Paragliding
♦ Powered ATV Paragliding
♦ Powered "Hang Gliders" & Ultralights

How to go about it
♦ No experience needed.
♦ Health statement and more formalities - on site.
♦ All activities are by pre-aranged reservations only.

Getting there   Our Airfield is located in open fields off route 2 (Coastal Road TLV - Haifa) Just north of Ga'ash and South of Netanya. Best tocall and get clear directions before arrival.




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