Hamei Yoav Thermomineral Water Pools, SPA
Hamei Yoav - Thermomineral Pools

Hamei Yoav - Thermomineral Pools

Only in Israel... Drilling for Oil... They Found This !


Members of Kibbutz Negba and Kibbutz Sde Yoav who own the site of Hamei Yoav, fondly recall how in the fifties, digging for crude oil in the area resulted only in "disappointment" and the discovery of a “strange” type of water. Thermomineral water pools are naturally rich in sulfur and other minerals with water temperatures of 37 - 39° C (98.6° F – 102.2° F). The water reaches the pools directly from the depths of the earth, 1500 m below ground. The waterfall pool reaches a depth of 1.2 m and the falling stream of thermomineral water is a refreshing and natural way for guests to enjoy shoulder massages.


  Contact Hamei Yoav                                           Kibbutz Sde Yoav, Negev, Israel

 +972 8 670 5600    






Facilities & Services
Between baths, you are invited to bask in the relaxing, pastoral landscape around the lake, the quay and the promenade. Hamei Yoav’s thermomineral pools features a dry sauna and a wet sauna.


Women-Only & Men-Only Bathing
Hamei Yoav offers separate bathing for men and women on the first and last Sundays of every month between 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm.
For exact dates, please dial *3110.

Thermaly Store
Thermaly’s products include a range of facial and body treatment products made with Hamei Yoav’s special water, including hand cream, foot cream, body cream, facial treatments and more. Thermaly’s staff will be happy to provide you with samples and allow you to try the products for yourself.

Gift Shop 
The store offers a wide rage of products, including robes, towels, bathing suits and beach footwear, fine natural cosmetics products, a variety of original gifts and special souvenirs.


Opening hours
Sunday 07:30 am - 17:00 pm | Monday 07:30 am - 22:00 pm | Tuesday 07:30 am - 23:00 pm (Israeli song night)
Wednesday 07:30 am - 17:00 pm | Thursday 07:30 am - 24:00 (Dance party) | Friday 07:30 am - 16:00 pm
Saturday 07:30 am - 18:00 pm


Getting there
Hamei Yoav is located by Road 35 between Ashkelon and Kiryat Gat.
From the Tel Aviv area: The most efficient route is Road 35 that connects Kiryat Gat and Ashkelon, via Ashdod. Continue straight through Aba Hillel Junction to Brachia Junction. At Brachia Junction turn left in the direction of Kiryat Gat (Road 35). After 8-10 minutes, you will reach Hamei Yoav.




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