Katif Center
Katif Center

Katif Center

There is a wonderful learning experience
awaiting you at the Katif Legacy Center 

The Gush Katif communities pooled their efforts to create the Gush Katif Legacy Center which, in the words of the Government of Israel who approved its establishment in April 2008, “will preserve the spirit of Gush Katif pioneers and express our appreciation for their hard work and dedication."


  Contact Katif Center  Nitzan Bet, Israel

 +972 77 432 4101






About the Katif Center Centrally located 40 minutes south of Tel Aviv, The Katif Center in Nitzan is a resource site featuring the history of Gush Katif: thirty five years of Zionist pioneering, building, and crisis in the Land of Israel; thriving and dynamic communities; flourishing Torah educational institutions and innovative farming & agricultural techniques. It is an experience that confronts the visitor with meaningfull insights into ones Jewish & Israeli identity.


About Our Tours
Tours are given by former Gush Katif residents who share their own authentic personal stories, original films produced by the Katif Center, artistic displays and gift store. Our visitors spend anywhere from an hour to half a day exploring and understanding the struggle leading up to the 2005 Israeli unilateral withdrawal Disengagement Plan and the uprooting of the thriving Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip; the years of uncertainty in temporary pre-fab caravilla sites and the strength & faith that enables the people of Gush Katif to continue and rebuild.

Opening hours & days
Sunday- Thursday: 9:00 – 15:00 | Friday and Saturday: closed
Jewish holidays: closed

Getting there...
Nitzan, take highway 4 between Ashdod and Ashkelon


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