Jerusalem City Tour Bus 99
Jerusalem City Tour Bus 99

Jerusalem City Tour Bus 99


A panoramic Jerusalem City Bus Tour, the famous Bus 99 - ridining a double decker bus, offering views of around 85 major tourist and historical sites in Jerusalem. See timetable below. The Jerusalem Bus 99 City Tour is operated by Egged in conjunction with City Tour. 



  Contact Jerusalem City Tour Bus 99                       Jerusalem, Israel

   +972 3 523 8818      


Jerusalem City Tour  - Bus 99Passengers can get on and off the bus at any of the » 23 stations along the route, through out the line’s operating hours (except passengers who bought a single-ride &/or night excursion ticket). The bus is equipped with a sound system, including personal earphones.

Jerusalem » City Tour Route Map 
Panoramic tour Jerusalem - allows you to make 1 total tour through the city of Jerusalem (about 2 hours). Audio guides on tour available in 8 languages including English, Russian, French, Hebrew, German, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.


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