Nahalat Hashiva - Jerusalem Entertainment Zone
Nahalat HaShiv'ah

Nahalat HaShiv'ah


Nahalat Ha-Shiv'ah was established in 1869 by the Builders of Jerusalem Society. The seven buildings (therefor the name Shiv'a = 7 in Hebrew) had one major role and it was to extend the bounderies of Jewish settlement in Jerusalem outside the city's walls. In those days it was an act of courage and daring and those who settled there were confronted with many difficulties.

Nahalat HaShiv'ah (C) Photo JLM Muni.Nahalat Ha-Shiváh has gone through some major indepth renovations and is now a lively and a very attractive entertainment zone in the Jerusalem. Coffee houses, restaurants, galleries, pubs, shops and beautiful yards. Both night and day tours are recommended.


Getting there
Walking : Exiting into Jaffa street from the Ben-Yehuda pedestrian street turn right (south-east) into Solomon street leading to Nahalat Ha-Shiv'ah.
By Bus No: 13, 3, 19, 20, 6, 18



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