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Ticho House

Ticho House


Ticho House was built in 1880 as a private villa for the Aga Rashid Nashishibi; later it became the home of artist Anna Ticho and her husband, Dr. Abraham Ticho, a legendary ophthalmologist who maintained his surgery there.



  Contact Ticho House                                                             9 Harav Kuk Street, Jerusalem, Israel

  +972 2 624 5068


Entryway to Ticho House





The building is now a downtown branch of the Israel Museum, complete with a handy museum gift shop. There's a permanent exhibit of Anna Ticho's controlled, powerful drawings, as well as visiting exhibitions arranged by the museum. Upstairs, Dr. Ticho's consulting office is preserved, filled with his international collection of antique Hanukkah lamps.



Little Jerusalem Restaurant
The “Little Jerusalem” restaurant on the premises serves dairy meals.
Sun. to Thu. 10:00 am -  23:00  pm  |   Fri. 10:30 am - 14:00 pm



















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