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Kottel Tunnels

Kottel Tunnels


The Western Wall Kottel Tunnels are an  unforgettable journey through time, bringing back to life Jerusalem's glory from the time of King Herod to the Jewish people's longing for Jerusalem throughout the generations.  

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The Chmabers Below - Photo (c) Kottel TunnelsThe Project
For hundreds of years major parts of the Western Wall were concealed by the destruction and only in 1967,  after the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Religious Affairs undertook the task of clearing the Western Wall Plaza area and initiated a project to expose the full extent of the concealed Wall. The project was to strip away centuries of debris and to reveal this ancient Jewish heritage. Magnificent underground structures were revealed: Rooms and public halls, a section of a Second Temple road, a Hasmonean water tunnel, a pool, and the entire length of the Western Wall - 488 meters in all its glory.

The "Wall" Below - Photo (c) Kottel Tunnels

Tours of the Tunnels
'Minharot Hakotel is operated by ''The Western Wall Heritage Foundation.'' 
Regular tours take place in the ancient tunnels by the Western Wall.
Tours are taken only with guides and must be scheduled in advance. 
Tours are available for individuals and groups in Hebrew and English. 
Each tour lasts about an hour and a quarter.
The tour is suitable for the general public, for groups of up to 30 participants.

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am to evening (depending on scheduled visits).
Friday and holiday eves 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Closed: Saturday (Sabbath), Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur Eve, Independence Day, Tisha Be'Av



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