N.I.L.I Museum
N.I.L.I Museum

N.I.L.I Museum


Here is the story of the first Hebrew (Israeli) underground called NILI standing for Netsach Yisrael Lo Yishaker, taken from Shmuel Alef chapter 19 pass. 29. The story of NILI is interwoven with the Aharonson's, founders of Zichron Ya'akov in 1882, at the time that Israel was part of the Ottoman Empire.


  Contact The NILI Museum                                        40 HaMeyasdim St. Zichron Ya'akov, Israel

 +972 4 639 0120




Postcard of the Heros
The story of Sarah "Hero of NILI" killing herself rather than fall captive in the hands of the Turks, the love story with Avshalom and his mysterious death, the treason ... it all still has its impacts on modern Israeli society, as the debate goes on of whether this group's actions were "good" or "bad" for the "Yeshuv" in Israel.

In the Museum
The Museum was first opened in 1956 and was one of the first museums in Israel. It was renovated and reopened in 1998. It treasures authentic documents and of the time and reveals the story of Israel's first underground organization.

Visit includes
The visit in the museum includes an audio-visual program (running in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Russian) and a tour of the Aharonson's House. The whole complex captures the era and offers its visitors a unique opportunity to step back into History, absorbe and learn about life in Israel at that time.



Opening Hours
Sun.- Thu. 8:30 - 15:00 | Tue. 8:30-16:00
Friday and Holiday eves: 8:30-13:00
Group visits require pre-scheduling


Getting there
Zichron Ya'akov, off route 2 on the Coastal road between Tel Aviv & Haifa.


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