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Acre - Akko

Acre - Akko

Acre Past & present

Acre - Akko, was once a leading port in the Middle East and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, dating back to 1504-1450 BCE. 

Walking through lits alleys and streets one may explore the remnants of Crusader, Muslim and Ottoman conquerors as well as enjoy a spectacular view of the sea and the city of Haifa from its fortress walls.


Today, the population of Acre is approximately 40,000 (Muslim majority) and its once fabulous port is home primarily to small fishing boats. Since the 1990s Acre, in Hebrew Akko, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Acre - Photo by Hadar SimonTo see in Acre -Akko

Khan El Umdan  An 18th century structure where camel caravans once brought grain and produce from Galilee to the market. The name means "inn of the pillars," for the fine granite Herodian pillars brought from Caesarea to support the structure.  

The Clock Tower   A much later addition, built in 1906 in honor of the Turkish sultan Abdul Hamid. 

Crusader City   Across from the mosque is the entrance to the subterranean Crusader Halls.  Most spectacular rooms is the Knights' Halls, which the Hospitallers, the Order of the Knights of St. John, used as a fortress more than 700 years ago. Today, the main hall is used for concerts. 


Home of Baha Allah   Known as the prophet of the Baha'i faith. His tomb is in a park just outside of town along the Acre-Nahariya road. As in the headquarters in Haifa, the grounds have spectacular gardens.

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