Zichron Yaakov - a place to visit on teh Med. Coast
Zichron Yaakov

Zichron Yaakov

Zichron Ya'akov
 A "Must See" on the Med. Coast !

Baron E. De Rothschild
Founded in 1882, this charming small town on the southern hills of the Carmel is one of the first Jewish settlements in the country. Established by Baron Edmond de Rothschild and named in honor of his father Yaakov (James). Rothschild was the one to introduce the local vineyard-growing industry, as he built the largest winery in the land "Carmel- Mizrachi" Wine.

Picturesque streets - photo by Hadar Simon
Zichron's cliff location, proximity to the coast and natural beauty has made it a popular vacation area. In 2008, the population of Zikhron Ya'akov was 18,100. Many residents are still engaged in agriculture, although today the town draws many tourists attracted to its picturesque setting,  historic city center and its restored main street housing coffeehouses and boutique shops selling locally-made crafts, jewellery, and antiques.


Bronze Worker - photo by Hadar Simon 

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