Hamat Gader - Golan Heights Hot Springs
Hamat Gader - Golan Heights

Hamat Gader - Golan Heights

Hamat Gader
Recreation, Relaxation & Activities

Hamat Gader, a most popular site in Israel,  combines unique recreational experiences, attractions and activities for families, groups and couples in luxurious facilities. The site opened to the public in 1977 and is jointly operated by 4 kibbutzim from Southern Golan :  Mevo Hama, Kfar Haruv, Afik, and Meitzar.


  Contact Hamat Gader                                        Southern Golan , Israel

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The Thermomineral Water at Hamat Gader, in Southern Golan Heights, has two important properties: heat and mineral-rich water content. The water from the spring gushes 500-700 cubic meters per hour, at a steady temperature of 42ºC.

The Antiquities 
The Romans chose Hamat Gader Springs as an ideal location to build the second-largest bath complex in the entire Roman Empire. Visitors to The Antiquities of Hamat Gader can still gain an impression of the magnificent halls and baths that have been preserved at the site – the combination of a curative and social experience, which made Hamat Gader a tourist resort of the highest order as far back as ancient times. 




The Central Bath Complex
The thermomineral water pools & baths offer a wealth of attractions and facilities to soothe and relax the body. Spacious pools filled with water that emerges from the depths of the earth, have medicinal and curative properties, and circulates naturally every few hours. 






Crocodile farm
In 1981, Hamat Gader established the largest crocodile farm in the Middle East  stocking 120 alligators, brought from Florida. Over the years,  additional species were brought to the farm incoluding crocodiles from Africa and caimans from South America. The crocodiles live in an open area simulating their natural habitat. Visitors can walk across a bridge and observe the predators wallowing in the water or sunning themselves. 



Getting there
From the Tel Aviv area: Take Route 2 to the Caesarea interchange, onto Route 65 to the Sargel interchange. From there on Route 675 East to the Navot interchange and onto Route 71 East to the She’an interchange. Take Route 90 North to the Zemach interchange, onto Route 98 East to Hamat Gader.

Opening Hours & Days
Sunday   07:00 am to 17:00 pm
Monday to Saturday 07:00 am to 23:00 pm 




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