About Tour Plan Israel
About Tour Plan Israel

About Tour Plan Israel

Tour Plan Israel is an Israeli "flagship" site, in the sense that the amount of "Travel Planning" and "Travel Shopping" information, is like no other, commercial, incoming tourism website in Israel.


A comprehensive site, on one hand presenting its visitors with an online - live Tour Operator, on the other hand, offering a respectable & user friendly platform for Israeli tourism suppliers wishing to add quality & focused internet exposure to their products.


The Incentive

Planning a trip to Israel? First time in the country? A returning visitor? Visiting family? A business trip? In any event, there is always the need to plan and "get things done right". For example: you want to find accommodation suitable to your needs and wishes, rent a car, take an organized 1 or 2 day trip to the Galilee, maybe do some horseback riding with the kids, see a concert of the Israeli Philharmonic, send your Israeli family or friends a bouquet of flowers announcing your arrival, and don’t forget - you’ve always wanted to try paragliding, desert trekking and scuba diving... You also need a local cellular phone and you might want to cross over to Jordan this time to see Petra … The list can go on forever!


How do you go about orchestrating, planning and booking your trip without spending endless hours searching for and surfing through a mind-boggling mass of websites?


The Solution

Quality and quantity incorporated into one multifunctional, dynamic, updated, multifarious website! Tour Plan Israel.com, hereafter referred to as TPI, is all of that and more.


It gets even better than “just” that, because TPI offers you two equally practical planning and booking options! Option 1: See what Israel has to offer all in this one organized, user friendly website, plan your trip and book directly with TPI's listed suppliers. Option 2 : See what Israel has to offer, choose the components of your trip and save even more time by letting TPI's tour operator do the planning and booking for you.


The Process

Months of research, study and gathering of information, while keeping track and close touch with the ever evolving Israeli tourism enterprise, as well as finger on the pulse of the latest “thing” on the internet, finding the way to incorporate technology without losing the human touch.


The Means

Over 20 years of experience in Israeli tourism, deep knowledge of Israel - its nature, culture and people, a quart of imagination, a bundle of creativity and "other" precious resources. Most of all, the fuel that generated and kept the process running, was, and still is, a passion to tourism and an even greater love to Israel.


The Result 
A state of the art website. Much thought has been put into the site’s design with a major emphasis on usability. When entering TPI's website, one gets the feeling of visiting a well-organized office and dealing with a friendly, professional and efficient tour operator.


Our live online assistance operates in Israel Sunday to Thursday 09:00 am to 18:00 pm USA Eastern Standard Time (4:00 pm to 1:00 am in Israel) We also offer a USA toll free number.


Our Commitment

As a Tour Operator, we are committed to a proficient & earnest service, based on our experienced and professional human resources. Doing the utmost to bring forward and properly present a grand variety of Israeli tourism service suppliers. Most of all, we are committed to ENCOURAGE TOURISM to ISRAEL. Have fun planning and booking your next trip to Israel.


Eytana Ben-Shimon

Owner and Manager

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