Accommodation - define your needs and wishes
Accommodation - define your needs and wishes

Accommodation - define your needs and wishes


Booking accommodation online can be mind-boggling, since variety and options seem to be ever growing. It is hard to compare rates online, since different sites offer different options, and basically booking accommodation online is always a bit of a gamble – unless it is an option that you were referred to or that you know from personal experience. However, you can tackle this “perplexing mission” by defining your wishes and needs, while considering a few variables simultaneously.  

Technical variables

Your budget     What are looking to spend? The greater part of ones traveling budget usually goes on purchasing of airline tickets, then accommodation (including meals) , car rental (if considered) and finally what remains goes for touring, attractions and miscellaneous.

There are 2 main approaches to define your travel budget: 1) Open account, meaning budget is set according to what is purchased. 2) Set budget, meaning you decide in advance how much you want or have, to spend and purchase accordingly. Either way, you obviously want to get the best for the least - don’t we all ?

Accessibility     Will you have a car with you? If a car is part of your plan, then options are even greater since you can also consider out of town facilities. Based on my own experience, if you have a car, it is better to go for the out of town options since A) You are most likely to find a better deal there. B) Escape traffic and parking issues. C) Enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere. All this said – it eventually comes down to your own personal taste & needs.

Party variables

Children     Traveling with children, requires careful attention to details. Is your chosen facility very “formal” or is it family friendly ? will you have to “shush” the children all the time ? Does the facility offer vast open grounds for your children to unwind. Will you need to prepare meals at “unconventional” hours – you might want to consider a kitchenette. You know your children and their needs best – do your bookings accordingly. When inquiring always ask if special family deals are available.

Senior members     If your party includes senior members, you might want to consider having medical facilities in the premises or nearby. Make sure there aren’t too many steps around – make their stay safe and enjoyable. Go over their needs in your mind.

Handicaps     I have come across a case where one of my clients was not able to wheel herself into her hotel room’s bathroom !! The doorway was too narrow ! Even the height of the bed can sometimes be an issue. Don’t worry about being a “nag” , drill into all details that you think may be an obstacle! 

Personal variables

View    How important is for you and are you ready to pay extra for a better view ?

Facilities & services     Most accommodation websites include a list of facilities & services, make sure it includes things that are of importance to you.

Nearby    Do you have enough information of what is available nearby the facility ? Shopping ? Bus stops ? Attractions & sites of interest ?

Extra tip    Always ask if there is any construction going on nearby. Hotels don’t like to volunteer such information !


In short, by better defining your wishes and needs you will be able to narrow down the hundreds of accommodation options available and make better choices for yourself and your party.

 Enjoy your quest
Eytana Ben-Shimon


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