Tips for driving in Israel
Driving in Israel

Driving in Israel

If you are planning to drive in Israel, bring a bundle of patience with you. Israeli drivers are known to have little or none of this virtue. Learning a few "words" in Hebrew may help :) 


Some "good to know" rules & regulations

♦ To drive in Israel one must have a valid driver’s license from country of origin. There is no need for an international driver’s license. 

♦ When renting a car driver should be over 21 years, holding a valid driver's license. 

♦ Remember: in Israel speed limit signs are posted in km.p.hour. Speed limit in urban areas are 50 km/p/hr (31miles) and on highways 90 km/p/hr (56 miles) 

♦ Seatbelts : All car passengers (front & back) must be strapped. Babies & toddlers (till age 4 ) must be strapped in their proper seats. 

♦ Nov. – Apr. headlights must be switched on even during the day.  

♦ Talking on a cell phone without a hands-free system is forbidden. 

♦ All cars should have a yellow reflective vest. If getting out of your car on the edge of the road, you should wear the vest. 

♦ Turning right on a red light is strictly forbidden, unless a there is a separate light for right turns.  Large intersections have separate lanes for right-turning vehicles. 

♦Parking on red & white is forbidden. Parking on blue & white requires a parking fee. Parking lots mostly charge by the hour. Parking lots in shopping malls - sometimes reimburse the parking fee if you prove shopping at their center (by presenting a receipt). 

♦ Your car was towed away ? Call 106 (municipal service line) and they will (hopefully) direct you. 

♦ In case of an accident (G-D forbid) call 100 for the Police, then call you rental agency.

♦ Rush hours in Israel are the same as everywhere else in the world. In Tel Aviv the Ayalon Highway is called by Israelis as "the longest parking lot in the world!", avoid it during rush hours Sunday to Thursday : 07:00 am - 10:00 am and 15:30 pm - 18:30 pm. (Friday is usually ok since most official establishments don't work.) 

♦ Going to Jerusalem on Highway No 1 - from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem when road is open it usually takes about 40 minutes, during rush hours up to an hour and a half !! 

Enjoy & drive safely.

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