Traveling by bus in Israel,Israel intercity buses
Intercity buses

Intercity buses


General Information About Travelling by bus in Israel
With the Israeli bus system one can get everywhere with buses. The system is very reliable, relatively punctual and these days, one may say it is even fairly safe. Connetion between major cities is very reliable, frequent and defenetly not expensive. Buses to more remote areas are less frequent and will not always be direct (may involve connection via nearby towns.)

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station
The Tel Aviv Central bus station is the largest of its kind in the world, though parts of it are not operational. Most intercity buses leave from the 6th floor. Local city buses mostly leave from the 3rd & 4th floor.

Tour Plan Israel offers here FREE non commercial information. For more detailed information, we suggest you look into the bus company links we provide in the various pages.

Things to know when travelling by bus

Egged buses to & from Ben Gurion Airport

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