Taking the bus in Israel,General info about bus travelling in Israel
Things to know when travelling by bus

Things to know when travelling by bus

Taking the bus in Israel, is a simple task! All ppublic bus companies are usually well organized, with clear information both in Hebrew & in English. Most bus drivers would speak some English - even if a limited one.




   See here some "Good to Know" things when planning to travel by public bus in Israel

♦ All major central bus stations have information booths and / or digital boards listing deaprture time, platform number and bus line number. 

♦ When boarding the bus – always make sure to ask driver if you are on the right bus. If you have to get off on the way, you can also ask driver to tell you when to get off (he can tell you how many stops there are from where you are – that way you can remind him again later on in the trip.)

♦ Most bus services halts about 1 hour before sunset on Friday and resume at sunset on Saturday.

♦ When using connection buses make sure to pre-check the timetable – otherwise you might spend a lot of time waiting for your connection bus (especially when concerning very remote places.)

♦ Keep your ticket at reach throughout the trip – in case of inspection.

Buying bus tickets 

♦ Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus (no need for exact change). When boarding a bus from a central bus station you can purchase your ticket at the “ticket counter”.

♦ Children & youth discounts : on all lines children ages 5 – 10 years have a discount rate. On certain lines youth ages 10 –18 also have discount rates (ask the driver  when purchasing the tickets).

Tickets to Eilat - a seat reservation is recommended. Tickets can be by credit card over the phone or on Egged’s website (online booking system is presently operated in Hebrew only). You will then get a reservation number on a printable form, which should be presented to the driver upon boarding.

♦ To order a ticket to Eilat call Egged Customer Service Center at *2800 or from abroad (00) 972-3-6948888. Trips may be booked from 1 to 14 days in advance before your trip departure date. The phone ticketing service is available in Hebrew, English and Russian.


♦ Egged Public Buses operates a very good internet system, allowing verification of timetables to all their bus lines.
   see here link for > Egged Trip Planning

♦ Nowadays new companies are joining the public transport in Irsael, look below into the link we offer for general bus lines information in Israel

♦ You may encounter some difficulties if the destination you are looking for does not have a direct bus line to it, though the website may offer connection options !!

Lost & found

♦ All central bus stations operate a lost & found service. You will be asked to identify yourself and report bus line number & time of journey.
♦ You should call the central bus station the bus was heading for (not the departing station.) 

♦ You may also try calling Egged Central Operator 03 914 2000 and ask for assitance

Important phone numbers to have with you
Egged information Tel : 03- 694 88 88 or *2800 from any cell phone.
Egged’s central operator : 03-914 2000 


Link to » Egged's English site


Link to » Israel Public Transportation Information Center 
(Now in English too!!) 

 This info page is given to you free by Tour Plan Israel. We do our best to update & give out most accurate information. If for some reason we missed, we are sorry, but note that we will not be held responsible for any damages, loses etc.etc. 

                                                                                       Enjoy the ride!






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