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Cellulars & laptops

Cellulars & Laptops Rentals in Israel

Cell phone rentals in Israel, Israel SIM card, wireless modems. 
Pick up your mobile in Israel or in the US. See here list of Israel Cell Phones Rental Agencies.

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Israel Phones

With offices in both New York and Israel as well as agents in the UK and Australia, IsraelPhones is the largest cell phone rental company dealing exclusively with the Israeli market. We provide excellent …

Amigo Cell Phones

Travelimg to Israel? Enjoy an Amigo-US cellular phone offering convenience, security and the newest technology while ...


We are committed to bringing you Total Communication Solutions - for less! We work exclusively with Cellcom, Israel 's largest cellular ...

IL Wireless - Laptop Rentals

We offer a complete mobile office rental package including state of the art laptops, high-speed mobile internet, allowing you a 24 hours connection anywhere in Israel.
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