Bethlehem & Jericho - Day Tour from JLM & TLV
Bethlehem & Jericho - Day Tour from JLM & TLV

Bethlehem & Jericho - Day Tour from JLM & TLV

This day tour to Bethlehem & Jericho is like stepping back in time as it enfolds the history and sites of some of the world's most ancient & influential events. About Jericho: Jericho, the world's first city, was built in the Stone Age sometime between 11,000 and 10,000 years ago. The wild grasses its inhabitants gathered were later domesticated. That is, they were genetically engineered via selective breeding to produce ever fatter seeds. We know the results today as wheat and barley.

Bethlehem & Jericho...Stepping Back in Time


  Bethlehem and Jericho Tour                                                  


Tour program

Transfer from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Bethlehem check point. Walk across, meet your local escort & enter the city by Palestinian bus. In Bethlehem, tour Manger Square & visit the Church of Nativity, then proceed for a view the Shepherds' Fields. Back to check point & travel via the Judean Desert for a view of the Good Samaritan Inn. Short stop for a photo-op at the famous sea-level landmark & descend towards the Jericho Valley. Walk across check point to Jericho, meet your local escort & enter the city by Palestinian bus. In Jericho, the most ancient city in the world, tour the site of Mound Jericho archaeological park where historical relics of 25 cities were uncovered. Stop at Zacheus' Sycamore for a view of Mount Temptation. Back to the check point & travel back to Israel.

Places and Prices


Language Schedule

Important Notice:

♦ This tour is subject to Palestinian authority regulations. Palestinian guide meets tour only at border post.
♦ Change of vehicle required for transfers of pick up / drop off to save time avoid traffic and delay!
♦ Due to visitor overload, a visit down to the Grotto of Nativity might not be possible because of tour time schedule.
♦ Tour in Palestinian territories is not covered by our third party travel insurance.
♦ Israeli passport holders (including dual citizenship), cannot join this tour.

Bring along:

Passport, Hat, water, comfortable walking shoes & snacks for the way (Nov. to Mar. warm clothes).


♦ Pick up from major hotels in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem.
♦ Optional pick up in TLV & drop off in JLM or v.s.
♦ Lunch is not included (Break provided to purchase lunch).
♦ Modest dress code (covered shoulders & knees).



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