Petra Jordan Tours from Israel, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Eilat
Petra & Jordan Tours

Petra Jordan Tours & Packages from Israel, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Eilat

See here full list of our Petra Tours & Packages departing from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Eilat. Our Petra Packages include transportation by bus or by plane, accommodation in Eilat or in Petra and a guided visit in Petra.   


 Important notice

All visitors of all nationalities going to Jordan via Israel, including just a day trip to Petra,  need a Jordan entry visa. If you book a Petra tour with us, we will pre-arrange the visa for you.  Visa fee is $60 USD per person, to be paid in cash at the border upon crossing.

   List of Petra Tours & Packages  (click on title or photo to open web-page for details & prices)

Petra 1 Day Tour - from Eilat

Regular guaranteed departure - daily tour from Eilat. Pick up from Eilat Hotels. Optional package deals from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
Massada, Dead Sea & Petra - 2 days "combo tour"

Massada, Dead Sea & Petra - 2 days "combo tour"

NEW! Enjoy 3 world known sites in 2 days: Massada the famous desert fortress. The Dead Sea - lowest place on the surface of the earth. Petra - The Red Rose City carved in stone.

Petra Day Tour from Tel Aviv by domestic flights

If you are short on time, but don't want to miss out on Petra, This would be the deal for you. Fly to Eilat, visit Petra & return to Tel Aviv - all in one day!

Petra package tours from Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

See here our Petra package deals from Jerusalem and/or Tel Aviv, going by bus or by plane with overnight in Eilat.

Petra & Wadi Rum - 2 Days

If you wish to spend more time visiting in Petra and tour the Wadi Rum Nature Reserve, this is the deal for you!

Petra Overnight Tour

Petra Overnight Tour

Petra Overnight Tour offers an in-depth tour in Petra with an option to climb the A-Dir "Monastery" Mountain. Departs daily from Eilat.
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