Sinai & Egypt, Tours to Saint Catherine, Mount Sinai, Cairo.
Egypt & Sinai Tours

Egypt & Sinai Tours from Israel

Visit the Pyramids !  Climb Mount Sinai !
See here list of our guaranteed departure tours to Sinai & Egypt mainland including:  1 Day to Saint Catherine Monastery, 2 days to Mount Sinai and 1 day or  2 days to Cairo.

Please note :Tours to Cairo require a pre-aranged visa to Egypt

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List of Sinai & Cairo Tours     (click on title or photo to open web-page for details & prices)


Mount Sinai - Sunrise Express Tour

To see the sunrise from the summit of Mount Sinai is an experience you don't want to miss. The Mount Sinai Sunrise Express Tour departs from Eilat - Israel every Monday & Wednesday - minimum 2 participants.

Cairo Midnight Express

A 24 hour overland tour, across the Sinai Desert, under the Suez Canal & into Cairo. Suitable for those who can not permit themselves more time in Cairo ! Be prepared for an adventure ! Very long & tiring 24 hours !

Saint Catherine Monastery - 1 day

Visit the Monastery of Saint Catherine a 1,400 years old Greek Orthodox Church, built on the site of the Burning Bush at the foot of Mount Sinai. Tour Departs from Eilat-Israel every Tuesday & Thursday. Minimum 2 participants for departure.

2 days Cairo - from Eilat

Departing daily from Eilat. Across the Sinai Desert to the Gulf of Suez, via the tunnel to Cairo. In Cairo visit the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, bazar & more...
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