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General Overview
Scuba Dive Israel specializes in private, quality dives. Private diving costs more than regular club's guided diving but you get an uncomarable service in return: A private, expert instructor that knows the best locations. Longer, calmer dives and 100% attention to you and your needs. Plan the best for your vacation: No short, crowded dives, No exhausted locations. Scuba Dive Israel offers a range of sportive dives for qualified / certified scuba divers



Tel-Aviv Dives for the business traveler
If you are visiting Israel for business, or you are a student , or you have working commitments and you can't allocate time to dive between meetings we have the best diving solution for you: Sunrise and Sunset dives - The best time to dive!Experienced divers know that the shift-change hours are the best time to dive - Early in the morning and at sunset. This is when you can see all the different sea creatures. Plus there is nothing better than going to work after a wonderful morning dive. Sunset .dive is the best way to relax after a day's work.

Sunrise Dives
We meet at 6:30 am and by 8:30 am you are ready to go, and you are already in the center of Tel-Aviv.
In the morning hours we expect to see groups of Signaus searching for food, Crabs and more sea life. After the dive you will enjoy a nice shower and a good cup of coffee and you are as good as new, with an unreplacable feeling for the day. You will get on time to your morning meeting easily when you leave our diving center which is conveniently located on the Tel Aviv beach. Park your car in the parking lot , or use the Tel-Aviv extensive public transportation to get anywhere in Tel-Aviv within minutes.

Sunset Dives
We meet at 18:30 pm, get on our gear and hurry into the ever calming waters of the Mediterranean.
In the evening, the sea predators launch their search for prey. We will find Octopuses, sailor crubs and cracker crabs, Serranuses and groups of Axe fish searching for food under the cover of the darkening water. Enjoy a warm shower and our special herbal tea after the dive. We promise you that tonight in your sleep you will enjoy the feeling of the sea hammock.


Why Scuba Dive Israel?
♦ Professional qualification - Our instructors were qualified on an SSI diving school    ♦ Professional supervision  ♦ Scuba Dive Israel is associated with the Reef Diving Group for diving services    ♦ All divers will receive their diving gear and tanks from a certified SSI center      ♦ The diving gear & equipment is maintained and inspected regularly ♦ All diving activity is insured both by the diving center and a personal diving insurance    ♦ Scuba Dive Israel holds an extended 3rd party liabilty insurence policy. DAN membership #247605.2049.0062 - MP


Our Tel Aviv  / Med. Coast  - Diving Sites
Gordon Caves
Our most popular and one of the most beatiful diving location in the Mediternean shores of Israel are the Gordon Caves, part of a rocky strip that streches just next to the Israeli shore line. The reef just outside Gordon Beach is deeper and the rocks which forms it are bigger and taller. All caves promise wonderful sea life - octopus and Axe fish, Thorn fish & more.Towards the end of the dive we will leave the reef for a short underwater swim through the sandy bottom to the wave barrier.
The Bird Head Canyon
Outside the mythological Mezizim beach lays the Bird Head Canyon. The reef is a bit shallower than the Gordon Caves but closer to the beach. The Mezizim Canyon, with its rich marine life, is a long natural crack that crosses the reef from west to east hides a deep view to underwater life. While gliding over the rim of the canyon we will watch sea creatures swimming peacefully beneath us, deep inside the canyon. 
Caesarea Underwater Ancient Port
A worldwide unique diving attraction – the entire old port of ancient Roman Caesarea has sunk and now is a part of the reef. A diving route, signed and roped, marks the port and its structure. The old port was built by king Herod. We will see the port entrance, the towers and the wall. The port is surrounded by a set of wave breakers for the protection of the ships. These deep rocky artificial reefs host a wonderful marine world of life.
The Great Rock of Bat-Yam
Bat-Yam is a beautiful suburban town that borders Tel-Aviv south of Jaffa. One of Bat-Yam's attractions is the Great Rock beach - An artificial lagoon that creates a small paradise-like beach resort. The Great Rock lagoon is a "diving delight" in the Tel-Aviv area. A semi-natural semi-artificial reef lies outside the lagoon with typical Mediterranean marine seeing. We will swim to the great rock, climb on the plateau surface and jump over outside the rock. This is a nice swim / dive, always promising interesting encounters with marine creatures.

Our various sucba diving offers...

Private beach dive
Each dive takes about 1:30 hours total, out of which minimum 45-50 minutes diving time.

Private boat dive
Each dive takes about 2:30 hours total, out of which minimum 40-45 minutes diving time.


 Refreshment skills course
The refreshment skill course includes a 20-30 minutes theory class followed by a 30 minutes exercise dive. After the dive we can immediately re-gear and head back for a fun dive in the reef.

Underwater Photography
We enjoy taking underwater photos & bring pleasant memories back home. We offer photography service on our dives. We will take pictures of you and things we find and at the end of the dive you will recieve a CD with all your pictures. 



Scuba Dive Israel / Direct Contact Details
Tel +972 54 494 6523 (Tomer)   |  e-mail   |  web » Scuba Dive Israel 



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