Eilat Tour Timna Valley Solomon's Pillars & Ancient Copper Mines
Timna - Ancient Copper Mines & Solomon's Pillars

Timna - Ancient Copper Mines & Solomon's Pillars

About Timna Park: Situated 25 minutes north of Eilat, Timna Valley enfolds the story of the world's earliest copper mines, dating more than 6000 years ago when man first began smelting copper ore. In Timna's amazing natural surroundings, ancient Egyptians established a massive copper mining operation, between the 14th & 12th  centuries BCE. The copper ingots were then shipped to Egypt mainland form Pharaoh's Island (also known as Coral Island) which was at the time the only natural port in the area.  

Visiting Timna Valley is stepping back into the magnificent history of this area, all revealed & clarified by years of work done by various archaeological expeditions. See below our half day tour from Eilat.  

Timna Valley & Solomon's Pillars
Nature , History & Adventure

Tour Timna Ancient Copper Mines & Solomon's Pillars - 4 Hours tour
Minimum 4 particpants for departure
Departure Daily/ afternoon tour
Pick up Eilat  Major hotels  +/- 15:00 pm  (Return to Eilat +/- 18:00 pm)

Guided drive via Israel - Jordan Border & the Arava Road, to Timna. In Timna Park - guided tour & visit of:
"Mines of Time” – a multimedia presentation on a revolving stage that takes you on a fascinating journey to ancient Egypt. The stories of a bygone age include the origin of the copper serpent and the significance of the Egyptian Gods to the copper cult.
"The Mushroom" – A wonderful natural rock formation of a perfect mushroom created from red sandstone, situated next to the work camp where the copper ore was smelted in special ovens.
"The Arches" – A natural phenomena, the stone Arch. Here one can climb a few steps and look upon an incredible setting.
"Solomon’s Pillars and the Temple of the Goddess Hathor" – incredible 50 meter-high pillars from Timna’s sandstone. To the right of the pillars stone stairs lead to an Egyptian rock carving in which we see Pharaoh Ramses III presenting an offering to the Goddess of mines and turquoise, Hathor. From the viewing platform we can see the remains of the temple dedicated to the Goddess.

"Timna Lake" - In the lake's area you will have a chance to fill out colored sandstone bottles & enjoy a Bedouin style tea or coffee at the local Bedouin tent.



♦ Timna Park entry - NOT INCLUDED (40 Shekels per person)
♦ MINIMUM 4 particpants for departure

Bring along

Hat, comfortable walking shoes, day pack, snacks for the way.

Prices               Adult  $70  |  Child $60  (ages 5 - 12 yrs)   -   minimum 4 participants for departure

**  Optional as PRIVATE TOUR $180 p/person - minimum 2 participants




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