Safed, Tzefat & Galilee - Private Guide Tour
Ancient Cities of the Galilee - PRIVATE TOUR - 1 day

Ancient Cities of the Galilee - PRIVATE TOUR - 1 day

About Safed - Tzfat
Safed, in Hebrew called Tzfat, is situated in the Galilee, elevation of 900 meters (2,700 ft) – the most elevated city in Israel. Due to its high elevation, summers are comfortably warm but winters are cold and often snowy. Since the 16th century, Tzfat has been considered one of Judaism's Four Holy Cities, along with Jerusalem, Hebron and Tiberias, since that time, the city has remained a Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah Center.


Ancient Cities of the Galilee ...Nature, History & Mysticism 

 Ancient Cities of the Galilee                                                                              Private Tour


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* Seats do not include guide/driver seat.



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Tours are guided in English

Other Languages - Upon Request

Pick up TLV        08:00 am

Pick up JLM        07:30 am
Tour Duration     10 hours

Price includes    pick up / drop off at your location, tourism licensed vehicle, licensed guide / driver, limited mileage as per published program. 

Not included     Meals, drinks, entry fees, tips, extras & personal expenses.

The above is valid till Dec.31st 2015

Tour program 

Travel to Tzfat (Safed), one of the four holy cities in Israel and a well-known Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism Center. Tour its unique and ancient Synagogues & walk along the vibrant Artists' Quarter*. Proceed to Rosh Pina, a charming little town telling the story of the modern era Jewish settlement in the Galilee, like…How did Jews become farmers?...


Travel to Tiberias and tour this very ancient city, walk along the promenade of the Sea of Galilee – Lake Kinneret & visit the tombs of Rabbi Akiva & HaRambam – telling the story of the ancient Jewish settlements in the Galilee, the writing of the Zohar & Jewish mysticism.


Time permitting, travel around to the eastern coast of the lake (via Kibbutz Ein Gev) at the foot of the Golan Heights. BY 17:00 pm return to your location *   


Bring along 
Hat, water, comfortable walking shoes, swim suite, towel, sun screen lotion & snacks for the way (Nov. to Mar. warm clothes)

General Remarks
♦ Order of sites visited can be modified as you go along & lunch break time to be decided with your guide.

♦ Artists Quarter is closed on Saturdays & Jewish Holidays.

♦ Optional swimming in the Kinneret


Entry fees on tour 

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