Galilee Tours from TLV
Galilee Tours from TLV

Galilee & Golan 1 Day & Overnight Tours going from Tel Aviv

Galilee & Golan Heights - 2 Days - FROM TLV & JLM

An interfaith overnight tour in the Galilee & Golan Heights touring the highlights, including: Katzrin, Safed (Tzefat), Banias Springs, Syrian border, Jordan River & more.

Jewish Galilee & Golan - 3 Days - FROM TLV

A Jewish theme Heritage tour through Northern Israel visiting biblical, historical & natural sites along the Mediterranean Coast, Upper Galilee, Golan Heights & the Jordan Valley. Weekly departures from Tel Aviv.

Classic Galilee & Golan - 3 Days - FROM TLV

Mini Classic Galilee & Golan Tour - 3 DAYS - is non - affiliated theme tour, visitng Israel's historical sites, Jewish & Christian cultural sites and nature related sites.

Christian Galilee - 3 Days - FROM TLV

A 3 days Galilee & Golan Tour - Christian theme tour, visiting the Galilee's Christian historical sites, cultural & nature sites. Includes sailing on the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Tiberias, Banias, Jordan River & Beit Sha'an.
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