Ben Gurion's House in Tel Aviv
Ben Gurion's House in Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion's House in Tel Aviv


The Ben-Gurion House was built in 1930-31, when the first workers' neighbourhood was established on Keren Kayemet Le`Israel land (The Jewish National Fund). Like all other houses built in that neighbourhood, it was a one-family house, planned by the late engineer David Tuvia. The price of the house, 350 Palestinian Pounds, was paid by instalments, by Paula and David Ben-Gurion. The building was enlarged in 1946 and again renovated in 1960.


  Contact The Ben Gurion House                                        17 Ben Gurion Blv. Tel Aviv, Israel

 +972 3 522 1010




It was Paula and David Ben-Gurion's permanent home until they settled in Sde-Boker. Later on, they lived alternately here and in their desert home in Kibbutz Sde-Boker, until Ben-Gurion's death in 1973.


All the items belonging to Paula and David Ben-Gurion are in the house, in the same condition and in the same place they used to be when the house was lived in. Souvenirs and exhibits were added when the house was opened to the public.



Getting there
17 Ben Gurion Boulevard Tel - Aviv | Buses No: 4 , 5


Visiting hours / Free admission
Sun., Tue., Wed. & Thu. 08:00 am to 15:00 pm
Mon. 08:00 am to 17:00 pm
Fri. 08:00 am to 13:00 pm






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