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Independence Hall

Independence Hall

May 14th 1948 Ben Gurion declares Israel's Independence at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art. Originally the building was Meir Dizengoff home, the first mayor of Tel- Aviv. It was one of the first buildings built in the new Hebrew City. In 1932 Dizengoff donated his home in order to establish an art museum, while he moved to live in a small apartment built for him on the roof of the building. The declaration of the state of Israel took place at the Tel Aviv Art Museum & only in 1978 in honor of Israel's 30th anniversary the declaration hall was restored exhibiting pictures and memorabilia from the event with the original recording of Ben Gurion's declaration speech played in the background.


  Contact The Independence Hall                                        16 Rothschild Blv. Tel Aviv, Israel

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Sunday to Thursday 09:00 am - 14:00 pm




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