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Go-Ride - Givat Ada

Go-Ride - Givat Ada

Go-Ride offers a variety of bike trails across the country, in accordance with riders’ experience and time limits. Book a guided trip or rent a bike and go at your own pace. Our skilled team, all experienced cyclists, will gladly compose a trip to suit your wishes and technical abilities.

  Contact Go-Ride                            Givat Ada, near Netanya, Israel


Phone +972 3 604 4922     Mobile  +972 52 344 9095    


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Rent a bike
Two stations for bike rentals – advance notice required
#1 “So – Good” gas station in Givat Ada
#2 “Harmonia” (plants' nursery) at Ofer Junction on route 4
♦ Renting a bike includes helmet – does not include water bottle.
♦ Written descriptions of trails available in Hebrew (some available in English)

Our trails
Each trail with its unique vegetation and landscape. Trails along runing streams including the famous “Nahal Taninim” – Aligator stream, one of the few unpolluted streams left in Israel and… don’t worry … no aligators there anymore ! During the spring one can encounter a colorful and lush coverage of seasonal flowers. 


Aloney Yitzhak Nature Reserve  |   Alona Forest |  Ramat Hanadiv Nature Reserve  | Mount Horshan  |  Dalia Stream

More at Go-Ride
♦ Horse riding trips
♦ Dine in nature” events
Getting  there
Givat Ada – off route 4 (the Tel-Aviv – Haifa road) on to route 653


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