Tiberias, Tzfat, Meron Day Tour
Tiberias, Tzfat & Meron - Day Tour from TLV & JLM

Tiberias, Tzfat & Meron - Day Tour from TLV & JLM

Tour Highlights
Tour Tiberias, an important ancient Mishna & Talmudic center. Visit graves of Ba'al Hanes & Ha Rambam. Tour Tzfat (Safed) a well know Kabballa Center. Visit Mount Meron, the grave of "Rashbi" - an orthodox cultural site. 


Tiberias, Tzfat & Meron
Ancient Jewish Cities in the Galilee



 Tiberias, Tzefat & Meron - Jewish theme tour          Tour code #145   (min. 4 participants)


   i   Tour Details
Departure     Tuesdays
Duration       Full day (~ 10 hours)


Tour is guided in English

Additional Languages
Spanish    Not available

French      Not available  
German    Not available


Included    pick up / drop off major hotels, tourism licensed vehicle, licensed guide, entry fees. 

Not included     Lunch, drinks, tips, extras & personal expenses.

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* Business class: small intimate group, max. 20 people, traveling by minibus.

Child age 5-12 years 10% discount
Child under 5 years cannot join the tour



Tour program 


Travel from Tel Aviv* north along the coastal road, then east, passing by Megido, site of Armagedon. Proceed to Tiberias by Lake Kinneret - Sea of Galilee. In Tiberias explore the archaeological remains from the Mishnah and Talmud period and visit the graves of two prominent sages: Tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes & Tomb of Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon better know as Ha Rambam.  


Travel to Safed. Known in Hebrew as Tzefat, it is one the four Jewish Holy Cities & a world know Kabbalah Center. Visit the Ari Hakadosh Synagogue, where the "Shulchan Aruch" was compiled by Joseph Karo, stroll through the local Artists' Quarter and tour the Visitors Center.


From Safed ascend (by car) Mount Meron, the grave site of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son where thousands annually celebrate Lag BaOmer. 


Estimated return: in JLM ~19:00 pm / in TLV ~18:30 pm 


* For those coming from Jerusalem: Pick up & transfer to Tel Aviv, to wait in a hotel's lobby, while pick up round takes place. Thank you for your patience. 


Bring along 
Hat, water, comfortable walking shoes & snacks for the way (Nov. to Mar. warm clothes)

♦ Pick up from major hotels in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem
♦ Optional pick up in TLV & drop off in JLM or v.s.
♦ Lunch is not included (Break provided to purchase lunch)

♦ Modest dress code (covered shoulders & knees)








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