Desert Days - Eco-lodge
Desert Days - Eco-lodge

Desert Days - Eco-lodge


Desert Days" eco resort village is located in the Arava Valley, close to Moshav Tzukim, on the way to Eilat & in the heart of the Negev Desert. To the west is Wadi Tzofar and its overhanging cliffs and to the west are the mountains of Edom, in Jordan. The landscape of the region was formed by earth movements along the great Syrian-African rift valley and then by the effects of sun, wind and water over millions of years. Nature has a powerful presence here – radiating both strength and tranquility. We invite you to switch off your clocks and take a real break!


  Contact Desert Days Eco-Lodge                                               Moshav Tzukim, Arava Valley Israel


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The Eco-lodge

Our ecolodge consists of 7 eco-huts, built with our own hands according to the eco construction principles. Each sustainable hut was built from home-made mud bricks, straw, and a mud plaster finish. All with an uninterrupted view of the Negev desert landscape, which contributes to the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Suitable for families, groups & individuals.


The Eco-huts Features

Each accommodates up to 6 persons
Including a low double bed with 2 extra mattresses
Sitting area (with 2 additional mattresses)
A "coffee corner"
shower with constant hot water
Ecological toilet ( composting type)
private yard with a bonfire area, supplied with wood.


Common Grounds

Well-equipped central kitchen in our Desert Khan (desert inn)
Sitting area in shaded sturctures with woven rugs, mattresses & low tables
Refreshing fresh water "desert pool"
Mud pool
Pets "petting" corner

The Kitchen Features
Refrigerator, barbeque, wood burning stove for baking pittas and pizzas, and "poike" cooking pots for use on an open fire





Guests are invited to prepare their meals at the kitchen in the desert Khan
Optional ordered breakfast and dinner at the Khan


More in the area

Walking tours in the Arava Valley:
Wadi Tzofar, Adda Canyon, Barak Canyon, Masor River (dry)
And more trips throughout the Negev Desert




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