Kabbalah experience in Tzfat - Safed. Tours, lectures, workshops.
Tzfat Kabbalah Experience

Tzfat Kabbalah Experience

The Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical tradition. The Kabbalistic wisdom, which is the oldest and most influential wisdom in the history of mankind, was given to the People of Israel along with all the other parts of the Torah at Mt. Sinai, in the year 2448 from world creation (1321 B.C.E.). As its Hebrew name implies, "kabbalah" means "receiving", and for thousands of years, the wisdom and secrets of Kabbalah were handed down orally from one generation to the next, yet remained virtually unknown and unapproachable to the general population. © International Center for Tzefat Kabbalah.

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Kabbalah in Safed (Tzfat)
Anyone who learns Kabbalah, is aware of the historical and central role that Tzfat played over the years, as a source of inspiration. Today, Tzfat and the vicinity are a focus of fascinating Kabbalistic activities as the entire region attracts numerous visitors wishing to experience and become part of this unique magic. The "International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah" is giving every person visiting Tzfat an opportunity to experience, study and research Kabbalah in an authentic, exciting and inspiring way.  © International Center for Tzefat Kabbalah 

A very short activity
Meeting with Mystical Lecturer / Artist / Musician
During a guided tour of ancient Tzfat, the group will meet one of the Kabbalah-Tour guides at one of the Old City’s special sites: a gallery, old synagogue or the “Enchanted Garden”. Here the group will hear about Tzfat Kabbalah, become familiar with the world of Kabbalah and enjoy a unique experience and certainly one of the tour’s major highlights.  Length of activity: 30 minutes 

A half day experience
Meeting and orientation in the old city for an in depth talk about Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. A guided 'Kabbalah walking tour' of Tzfat & lunch 

A full day experience
Meeting and orientation in the old city. In depth talk about Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. A guided Kabbalah Walking Tour of Tzfat. Lunch. Visit to a Kabbalah Art Gallery. Workshop and study of Kabbalistic text. Guided tour to special sites in the surroundings of Tzfat: Ancient buildings, caves and Holy Grave Sites of Kabbalists in the forest, magnificent nature views, springs and valleys. Personal Kabbalah code workshop. 

A weekend program

Friday : Check in at the hotel in Safed & depart for a guided Kabbalistic walking tour in the old city – guided by one of the special guides of Kabbalah tour, we'll listen to the stories of the Tzfat Kabbalists, visit ancient synagogues and Kabbalistic art galleries. Learning Kabbalah workshop: the writings of the Ari. Before Shabbat: Lecture "The Shabbat Experience in Mystical Tzfat". Before sunset: Musical spiritual concert "The Agadeta Band". Candle lighting & Kabbalat Shabbat service in the old city – with songs and dance. Shabbat meal in the old city. Workshop : Kabbalah and Psychology – a guest lecturer

Shabbat (Saturday) : Morning prayer in ancient synagogue. A lecture on – living a meaningful life according to Kabbalah. Lunch. Rest. In depth study of the writings of Ramak (the 16th century Tzfat Kabbalist) Visiting the Kabbalah art exhibition. Melave Malka and Zohar learning

 Sunday : Kabbalah class and prayer. Breakfast. A tour in the Galilean nature:"In the footsteps of the "Zohar" (the basic mystical text of Kabbalah). A visit to the cave in Peki'in, Mount Meron, the cave of the Idra and a study of the Kabbalistic text "The Idra Rabah". Lunch. A visit to Amuka and workshop on love and relationship according to Kabbalah.



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