Tips for Traveling in Israel. Articles about planning your trip to Israel
Tips & Extras

Tips & Extras for Traveling in Israel

Accommodation - define your needs and wishes

Booking accommodation online can be mind-boggling, since variety and options seem to be ever growing. It is hard to compare rates online, since different sites offer different options, and basically booking accommodation online is always ...

Vacation in Israel with children

Is it possible to have a stress free holiday with the kids? Probably not. It doesn't have to be hell though. Planning ahead will help and you never know... you may actually get to enjoy your well earned break too.

Driving in Israel

If planning to drive in Israel, bring a bundle of patience with you. Israeli drivers are known to have little or none of this virtue. To drive in Israel one must have a valid driver’s license from country of ...

Taking the bus in Israel

With the Israeli bus system one can get everywhere with buses. The system is very reliable, relatively punctual and these days...

Petra Map

See here printable map of Petra.

Distances between cities in Israel

See here our printable chart of distances between cities in Israel. Distance between Tel Aviv to Jerusalem... Jerusalem to Dead Sea...

What time is it in ...

See here Time Clocks from around the world

Taba Border - from Eilat to Sinai

The Taba International Border, opened April 26, 1982, is currently the only operational LAND entry & exit point between Israel & Egypt that handles tourists.
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