Galilee & Golan Hiking
Galilee & Golan Hiking

Galilee & Golan Hiking

Upper GaliLAND Trail

The Upper - GaliLAND Trail is a short, moderate trek exploring the area of Upper Galilee starting from Kibbutz Kfar Giladi and ending in Tzefat. Our hike unveils magnificent nature while telling the story of ...

Lower GaliLAND Trail

The Lower - GaliLAND Trail Starts in Kibbutz Lavi ascends Mount Arbel & ends in Tiberias. A relatively easy walking path that unveils splendid views, rich flora & fauna, biblical & modern history of ...

The Gospel Trail

The Gospel Trail is a 65 km trek crossing the Galilee starting from Nazareth to Sea of Galilee. Our hike “in HIS Footsteps” brings to life the story of Jesus in the Galilee. Walking the trail will surely be a spiritual experience.
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