Ben Gurion Airport: Buses & shuttle to/from & within Airport City
Egged buses to & from Ben Gurion Airport

Egged buses to & from Ben Gurion Airport

General Information About Buses from & to Ben Gurion (BGN) Airport
Note that there are two locations referred to Ben Gurion Airport. One is the Airport City and the other is  the Ben Gurion Airport - inbound & outbound terminals. Though the two are in one very large complex, the distances between various locations within this complex can be too much to walk, especially if you are carrying luggage with you. 


The Egged Bus Lines
♦ Buses No 249, 423, 475, 943 and 947 stop at Airport City but do not go to Ben-Gurion Airport (Terminals).
   See here link for » Egged Trip Planning       For more details see » Egged Informatin Center

♦ Passengers wishing to transfer from the above mentioned bus lines to Ben-Gurion Airport (Terminals) with the shuttle, will receive (from the driver) a passage ticket free of charge. (Passengers who'll use only the shuttle line between Airport City & Ben Gurion Airport/Terminals, will be asked to pay the internal bus fare.

♦ Egged line 5 serves as an internal transport line from Airport City to Ben-Gurion Airport (Terminals) and back. 

♦ The bus line from the terminal to Ben-Gurion Airport exits Sharon St. in Airport City, right turn to road 453, through El-Al Junc, Ben-Gurion Airport Square, Terminal 2, Terminal 1, and to Terminal 3 (International Flights Terminal). 

♦ Some bus lanes will pass through the Eastern Support area. 




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